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Chief Dan McGee 2013

February 5, 2015

Too much these days is being said about law enforcement. Much of what is said, quite frankly, is said out of ignorance. Many, many times in my career I have handled a call where citizens have observed me and later talked to me about how they “couldn’t” do my job or they would have used much more excessive force than I did.

I don’t ever look for the citizens to give me sympathy, because I chose my profession. However, I often long for real understanding. Police officers are confined by the U.S. Constitution, laws, and policy. Criminals are only bound by how far they wish to break the laws. It is within this realm we fight the good fight.

And…we do it for you. I love serving the public. I love being the person who is capable of making someone smile because I solved their case, or the person who has responsibility thrown on my shoulders in a split-second. But not everyone is like that. And, officers are not made from cookie-cutters. We are as diverse as society with the only difference being we chose to do something as a profession that most say they couldn’t.

I don’t work hard and expect thanks because I know it will come naturally when I’ve earned the trust and gratitude of someone. However, I call on you to make sure that you don’t forget to give thanks to those brave and determined people who serve you. They are the life-line between civility and chaos. When you thank officers for what they do it keeps them focused on the good fight and keeps them seeing the positive they really do for society.

The next time you see an officer tell them “thank you” and let them know you appreciate what they do.

As always, God Bless,

Chief McGee






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The Montpelier Police Department shall endeavor to be a caring organization which dedicates itself to personal excellence, teamwork, and focused performance.

Our mission is to be considerate of the needs of the citizens, while providing a safe and secure environment. We shall do this by enforcing laws; arresting violators when necessary;  building community relations through a cooperative partnership with the citizens of Montpelier; respecting the dignity of all people;  and by striving to protect individual rights afforded by the laws of this city, state, and within the United States Constitution.

This mission is to not only arrest violators, but to use our best discretion in order to improve the quality of life for all. All officers of the Montpelier Police Department shall be mindful and hold near to their heart what it means to have Honor, Courage, Dignity, Loyalty, Respect, and Integrity. These words represent our values.

We shall take this mission on not because we have to, but because we believe we serve a higher purpose. Each officer shall be unwavering in their commitment to this mission.


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